DHEC Press Release

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We at Aiken Downtown Development Association are encouraging our community and our visitors to educate themselves on this matter in its entirety and to continue to support our downtown. Although there have been two instances of hepatitis A found in restaurant employees, this is not a food-related outbreak. DHEC State Epidemiologist Dr. Linda Bell says, “The risk of the hepatitis A virus spreading from an infected employee to customers in a restaurant setting is low. The concern is with a food handler with hepatitis A infection, not the restaurant.” Dr. Bell goes on to say that the virus is killed by heat and once the food is cooked there is no contamination. The actions being taken by The City of Aiken and DHEC are with your interests in mind in order to keep our community safe and healthy. These precautions and the information provided are to educate citizens and should not be interpreted as a deterrent from the restaurants whose employees have been affected. Appropriate measures have been taken at each restaurant in line with DHEC protocol to ensure your safety. A complete press release from DHEC can be found on the ADDA Facebook page as well as downtownaiken.com.

-Aiken Downtown Development Association

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